Teaching the Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Cha Cha, Rumba and even Samba and Mambo, dance instructor Donna Garzone offers low-cost dance instruction to beginners. She also holds dance parties once a month for the students.


Dancing has been a way of life for Donna. She started modeling and dancing on stage in California at 2 ˝ years old. She then learned that she loved to perform and in later years received a scholarship to the San Francisco Ballet Company. Many years later, Donna got married and started raising a family and put her career on hold. In her heart she knew she would get back into her passion. As the years passed, she developed an illness that kept her from dancing, in fact, she had to learn to walk all over again. Donna was determined not to let it get her down, and was sure that she would dance again!! Her determination paid off and when she was strong enough she continued to pursue her passion. Her training has been years in the making, starting out at Fred Astaire’s Studio in Brandon, then going to Ballroom Etc. in Winter Haven, and training with John King in Sarasota and currently training with Joe Taylor at the Suncoast Ballroom in Largo.

Six years ago, Donna decided that she wanted to give back to her community and at that time there was no one teaching to beginners only in Recreation Centers. She wanted to teach Latin and Social Ballroom in a relaxed environment where there was no pressure. She prides herself in bringing in people who would NEVER walk into a dance studio. She began having Saturday Night Dance Parties for the brand new dancers so they would have a place to dance and just have fun.

Donna’s method of instruction is teaching string basic elements as she feels this is the essential for being able to learn the different dance patterns. She gives constructive encouragement and prides herself in being able to teach anyone to dance.

So, “you think you CAN”T DANCE”, Donna would love to prove you wrong.  






"Donna, Donna the Prima-Dancer, thanks, you made learning fun and easy."          Ron S.

"I didn't know how to Bolero, I took Donna's wonderful one day workshop and now I'm loving to Bolero."    Nancy M.

------ Article By Donna ------

Donna and Joe Demonstrate a Good Frame


Tony's & Jeff 's Special Day
Classes with Donna

The Class consist of teaching the lead and follow of each dance. The classes are introductory Social/Ballroom & Latin Dance lessons. The first hour will focus on basics, but moves quickly to review patterns and advance through the month with her students. During the second hour, which is a social dance event you will have the opportunity to practice your new dance skills. All this with great dance music and for a low affordable cost.

Teaching the Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, WestCoast Swing, Cha Cha, Rumba and Samba and Mambo. Tango, Quickstep and Salsa are also offered to began your journey to understand what dances you will enjoy. Donna offers low-cost dance instruction to beginners. She also holds Dance Parties with Wonderful music and Dance Performances by some of Tampa’s Best Instructors. Her students and others have a place to know they will meet other who share the LOVE of DANCE. She also loves to cook and trys to bring a wonderful evening with food and drinks and fun for all!!

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